Enriched air diver

If you want to increase your bottom time in a safe way, ENAX is your choice. By having more oxygen in the mix of air you will increase your bottom time. It is not for deep dives over 130 ft. Theory class includes practice of how to measure the mix in a tank and two dives.

Digital underwater photography

Level One, included basics of photography to properly shoot photos while you maintain proper position in the water and avoid damaging the aquatic life. In Level two, you will learn more about formats and the SEA (shoot, examine and adjust) method for taking pictures with an introduction to the programs for adjusting the pictures. Each level takes two dives and one of them can be a night dive if you have the night dive from Adventure In Diving or night dive experience.

Deep diver

For diving on walls it will be very important to know the theory and techniques of deep dives. It takes four dives and two days. The prerequisite is the advanced open water or the Adventure Diver with deep dive.

Fish id

Learn the techniques for identifying the fish families. It requieres only two dives.

Drift diver

Very popular in Cozumel. Learn how to get the most from the currents. Requires two dives.

For more information on specialties and courses

Pleased e-mail jorge@cozumelmarineworld.com and remember the first dive of your Adventure dive or Advanced Open water course count as the first dive of the specialty course and vice versa.