The professional level

Learn how to assist an Instructor in training courses, and in guiding certified divers.

Achieve the skill level and theory knowledge of an Instructor.

The course develops the knowledge, attitudes, judgment and skills necessary to serve as diving role model.

It takes a least 3 weeks in training and working as an intern to get the complete experience.

You will review the standards of all PADI courses, and assist students on training in confined and open water, continuing education courses, and by guiding certified divers on the local reefs.

You will prove you training and stamina by swimming 400 YDS; 800 YDS with mask, fins and snorkel; tow a diver; and solve at least one underwater problem.

Divemaster training includes various skills performance assessments, including those listed above, as well as creating a topographical map diagram of a local reef, and writing an emergency plan appropriate to the region.  There is also a written exam based on course books and materials.

PRICE $ 1,750 USD