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Discover Scuba Diving

The First Step

If you are curious about how to breathe underwater, you don’t know if you will be able to finish the full certification course, or whether or not you are fit for diving, this introductory class will allow you ....

TIME: 3hrs.


Referral Diver

Finishing your course in the Caribbean.

If you have taking the pool lesson and don`t want to finish in cold water or low visibility, this is place to come and do it.

TIME: 2 days and 4 training dives

PRICE: $ 280 USD

Open Water Diver

Getting ready for independent diving. Entry level scuba divers

Teach divers to dive properly with a buddy, independent of professional supervision. Teach divers to plan and participate in local dives, or dives in an environment where the conditions are similar.

PRICE: $ 495 USD

Adventure Diver

Once comfortable with basic skills, many divers want to further their education and conquer new tasks, see different underwater creatures ....

TIME: Minimum time to complete class is one day.

PRICE: $ 325 USD

Advanced Open Water

advanced open water

Enjoying diving

Besides the Adventure Diver requirements completed, Advanced Open Water students have to perform two more mandatory dives specialties ...

TIME: Minimum time of 2 days.

PRICE: $ 395 USD

Rescue Diver

rescue diver

The Ultimate buddy

Increase Diver awareness and safety. Develop ability to anticipate and prevent problems, as well as manage any problems that may come up.

TIME: Minimum time is three days.



Expand the knowledge of your specific dive interest. Courses are structured in a simple way and can be done in one day with two dives......

Master Scuba diver


After obtaining 5 PADI specialties and if you are a rescue diver and have logged 50 dives you can apply for the highest level as a non-professional in PADI.

Dive Master

dive master

The professional level

Learn how to assist an Instructor in training courses, and in guiding certified divers. Achieve the skill level and theory knowledge of an Instructor.

TIME: At least 3 weeks

PRICE $ 1750 USD